In my own master,While wondering。

Lin Yu,Also frowning and wondering。
Logically,This should be a big battle。
But what I feel at the moment is,Someone keeps robbing。
And the place,Xuan Tianzong。
“Big brother,Are you there?”
Closed door,Tapped twice。
Hear the door knock,Lin Yu asked。
“Big brother,My name is Qin Rui。”
“Everyone calls me Third Brother。”
“I come to find you,There is something I want to ask your opinion。”
Qin Rui,Said at the door。
“come in,The door is not closed。”
Strange,Why is this guy looking for me?
To know,Myself and the people in the school,Not everyone,All familiar。
“Big brother,Come this time,Didn’t disturb you?”

Lines,Actually it’s not particularly difficult for others,The most difficult is Liu Sanmei,Duet from the front,Fighting against the landlord in the middle,In the later period, he died in love with Aniu。

Zhou Qingxue said:“I wrote the script myself,I shouldn’t have a big problem with lines or something,Just now everyone practiced the plot,I felt it was pretty good,Next, we need to think about each scene,Everyone can express their opinions,Use your own ingenuity,See how to make the drama more perfect!”
Everyone thought in silence for a while,Jiang Lumeng said:“Minister Zhou,Just acted according to your script,I personally think it is very good,Not much opinion,I will act as you say,Listen to you!”
Others nodded in agreement,They all said that they had no opinion to follow Zhou Qingxue’s arrangements.。
I thought about it:“No problem in other aspects,I would like to give some personal opinions on the beginning for your reference!The last part of our story is to die in a boat,My suggestion is that Liu Sanmei sang on the shore at first,And Aniu can shake the scull,Two people sing a duet across the river,It’s better to compare before and after!”
Zhou Qingxue said happily:“This suggestion is very good,I will change it into the script!Thanks Jiang Fengyuan,Does anyone else have any comments??”
Paused,Looked at everyone,Everyone shook their heads and expressed no opinion,So she said:“It’s late,Thank you for your hard work today,Left from the show2Week time,Our time does not change every Saturday and Sunday mornings9point,in the afternoon2Point set,The locations are in the student activity center,Everyone work hard to make the show well!”
Waiting for everyone to leave,I helped close the classroom and props,Leave with the two beauties。
On the road,To deepen Xiang Qingru’s impression of me,I think of the more famous local love stories in my previous life。
So I laughed with the second girl:“Can i ask you some questions?”
“can,You ask!”
To arouse their interest,I first asked a question that all girls are most concerned about,I said to Xiang Qingru:“Have you gained weight recently?”
“No,Why do you say that?You are dying,Dare to say i’m fat!”Xiang Qingru exploded immediately,Nervous answer。
I smiled and said:“Then why is your weight in my heart getting heavier?”
She gave me a few blows with a shy look,Zhou Qingxue looked at us two with a playful face,I quickly told them:“You misunderstood,It was actually a joke just now,Just like a brain teaser,It’s the more popular gameplay on our side,Called the Taste of Love,Ha ha!”

Shen Zhiyue raised his eyes:“Why do you feel that you can’t beat others?Do you think your acting skills are not good?”

Lu Shanshan does not deny,Nod directly:“Yes,I feel that I am far from others。Actually, Brother Liang deliberately asked me to change roles with him,Actually it’s not necessary to change,Just want people to see,How bad i am,Sorry,Yue Ge,Shame you。”
Shen Zhiyue frowned:“You let Brother Liang press on your head,How will you make a good movie next。”
Lu Shanshan shook her head:“Is not,I think if I have always been in this state,I think even if you give me more part,I can’t play well either。”
Shen Zhiyue thinks Lu Shanshan has this consciousness,not bad。
“You played female roles before,Coming and going all serve the protagonist,Just cooperate with the protagonist。And now in film and television works,The images of women are very single。They look like beautiful vases,Or poor people。Even the three heroines of Gu Sanpai now,They are not very good characters,Too rigid。Even women with families,But not just for family transfer,They also have their own ideas。”
Lu Shanshan frowned:“I think you should have a good experience of a girl’s life。For their family,Can really give up everything。”
Shen Zhiyue asked:“What do you think,Girls just for home?”
Lu Shanshan said:“At least I think Gu San’s three roles revolve around the home。Even if it’s not for home,I don’t think they have much selves。”
Chapter Two Hundred Suppress
Shen Zhiyue followed Lu Shanshan’s thoughts,Asked:“So you think?”
Lu Shanshan nodded:“I think this male character should be used as a guide。If they are more passive,Colder character,That relative,We have to be enthusiastic here。”
Shen Zhiyue thinks Lu Shanshan has found the feeling,He asked:“Then what will you tell Gu San later?”
“I think we should let Gu San make a little bit about my inner path,I think I’m not just a scumbag。”

Lu Ban can’t stand the look in his eyes,Looked back at the dark and damp stairs,It seems that it is safer to go in。

Being handsome can be troublesome sometimes。
Entered the second floor,I suddenly felt that this is indeed a place for performances。
Performance stage,Audience seat,Neat and tidy,Even every stool,Every floor is polished brightly。
Director Liang wants to go backstage。
It’s a pity to be stopped by a woman。
“I am looking for Gaoshan。”
“Sorry,People who come here are looking for Gaoshan,I’m still looking for running water。”
“I have an appointment with Gao Shan to meet today。”
“uncle,Don’t you fool me,How can I meet two guests like you in a month,But rules are rules,Teacher Gao is creating,Can’t enter when he is creating,This is the rule。”
The woman’s voice is a bit high,Hands on hips,Mercilessly。
Lu Ban tugged Liang Kesheng’s arm。
“Liang Dao,Nothing,We wait。”
“This handsome guy is still sensible。”
The woman smiled and moved chairs for the three of them:“You guys come from outside?”
“How do you know that we are from outside?”Lu Ban smiled,Chatted with a woman。

Xu Sheng, who was sitting on the sidelines, slowly turned around,Then take a step,The figure goes farther and farther……

“If Uncle Hao,If you can do it……”
After Xu Sheng left,Tang Hao Affected by Old Diseases,Weak body was forced to squat down,The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand disappeared……
He stretched out his hand to cover his painful chest tightly……
Maybe he can only be equal to Tang Hao now……
But next time I meet,Tang Hao alone,There will be no chance……
Chapter Sixty Two Throbbing three years ago!
Heaven Dou Empire,In the room of snowy night……
Xueye slowly rose from the throne,Straighten his chest and look at Ning Fengzhi who walks in,And the Bone Douluo beside him!
After his gaze passed,Soft tone“I don’t know if Sect Master Ning is coming,Pardon me for neglect”
Ning Fengzhi is not only the lord of the Qibao Liuli Sect,Actually he is Xueye’s son,Xueqinghe’s teacher。
So only treat Ning Fengzhi,Xueye showed more respect……
Ning Fengzhi smiled elegantly,Replied slowly“There,But Ningmou came here uninvited!”
Ning Fengzhi Nods slightly,The latter nodded,Turned and walked out……

Tang Chen responded quickly,Four gates with ghost faces sculpted from the ground。

Ghost Douluo casually kill,It’s already weak just by breaking the two seats。
“What the hell?”
Seeing that his attack is blocked,Ghost Douluo’s pupils shrank suddenly。
Even if you are free,thats right95Class Title Douluo’s Attack。
By a 13-year-old child,Blocked so easily。
“Kind of doorway,Look at my soul skills.”
“Ghost Elder,What do you want to do?Attacking the Prince of the Heaven Dou Empire for no reason。”
“Do you want to go to war??”
Tang Chen Binghan’s voice sounded,Interrupted Ghost Douluo’s spirit skills。
This trick is the first to win people and then the big cap,He can be said to be caught。
“Humph,Don’t come to that set!”
“Attack the Douluo Enshrine Hall,Even the Heaven Dou Empire cannot keep you。”

Intermission is15minute。

While the cheerleaders are dancing,The commentary is also very lively。
Narrators from various countries,Are all excitedly talking about such a wonderful game。
The last three minutes of the second quarter,Shen Huan turned on the abuse mode。
But before20About minutes,The main players of the two teams played very well。
Especially Shen Huan,It’s like a robot with a perpetual motion machine,He can be seen everywhere on offense and defense。
It’s not just offensive that Shen Huan takes turns attacking every Golden State Warriors player,On the defensive end,He can also chase and intercept like crazy。
Whether it is blocking、Cap、Grab the ball and so on,omnipotent。
Several times Andrew Bogut wanted to slam in,Instead, he was bounced away by Shen Huan who was standing there。
Even once,Shen Huan directly turned him back five or six meters away,If he didn’t see the chance quickly,Quickly pass the ball,Maybe Shen Huan can directly carry him to the Warriors penalty area again.。
You say such a mad dog,Who else can stop?
Even more frustrated is that you can’t play black hands。
To Russell20Year old,It doesn’t matter if you elbow directly,Even against Kobe。
But no one dared to play a black hand against Shen Huan,Even if Shen Huan is tough and brave to the extreme。
Because everyone is afraid of death。
Ordinary tackle、Hug Shen Huan、Two-person hitter and so on……It doesn’t matter。
But if it fouls maliciously,Shen Huan slapped over,Do you think you will knock your neck around one or two times?

These police,Brother Yu doesn’t believe it,He dare to stop himself。

“Comer,Let this so-called fish brother and his people,Catch them all for me。”
“It’s lawless,Knowing I am a policeman,Dare to be in front of me,Commit crimes in public,Just don’t put me in the eyes。”
This policeman,Look at the person behind you,Cold road。
The police behind heard,One after another。
“Who dare?”
“If anyone dares,Then come up and try?”
Brother Yu heard what this policeman said,Asked angrily。
unfortunately,Brother Yu didn’t dare to think。
Less than a second,Just stunned。
Because of these people,Really come forward,Take this fish brother,Handcuffed directly。
“you,You really dare?”

Xu Xuan’s heart is a little surging。

He has also played here before。
The Philips Arena in the regular season and the Philips Arena in the playoffs are completely different experiences!
Listen to the cheers of the Eagles fans at the scene。
Let alone the intensity of the game,Just the aggression cheered by the fans is completely different。
In such an atmosphere,Few players who play the playoffs for the first time have an unbalanced mentality。
Lavoy is not afraid!
Lavoy is definitely not afraid!
What can Lavoye be scared of!
Even if the atmosphere of the playoffs is crazy,It can also make Lavoye nervous mid-range hit rate lower than usual?!
can,Why the lips are shaking?!
Lavoy Heart,Now very virtual!
This is not the first time he has played the playoffs!

My name is the wings of death,Destiny Destroyer,The terminator of all things,Unstoppable,Irreversible,I am Cataclysm!

One last look at the world I love,The once king of black dragon steps into the abyss of elements。
Although he has a firm determination and a will to regret,But Nesario does not have a complete plan of his own。
But it does not matter。
His black and white brothers have。
The Eternal Dragon King is waiting for him to make his final determination in the deep rock continent。
There is not much time left for Nesario。
at the same time,Neltharion and Nozdormu were not the only ones who noticed the changes in the power of the Moon God。
The wild wolf that once bit the incarnation of the moon god。
In the vanilla age where the well of eternity is still alive,The moon god Elune walks on the earth。
He was peaceful at that time,Tolerance,Full of curiosity about this small world。
So for a little wolf who is grinning at himself,Luna Elune was curious。
Curious what it will do next。
Because of peace and tolerance,So on the premise that Goldrinn bit himself,Elune just pulled out Goldrinn’s mouthful teeth。
This is just ancient times,Only a little story about Elune and Goldrinn。
But exploded in this well of eternity,The era when the Great Ward of Azeroth is about to shatter,Goldrinn, who had eaten the flesh and blood of the moon god Elune, noticed the change.。
The vengeful wolf god leaves the material world,Go to the Emerald Dream。
It remembers Elune’s taste,When this smell is bleak,Means that the moon god no longer looks at the emerald dream。
Then a qualified and vengeful wolf,What should be done?