Say "Not" Industry and Information Technology, "Not" Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Say "Not" Industry and Information Technology, "Not" Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Original title: Say "Not", "Not" Industry and Information Technology, "Not" Industry and Information Technology According to laws and regulations, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organizes third-party testing agencies to check mobile phone applications, and conducts a centralized disciple of companies that have discovered problems, requiring related companies to complete rectification before June 17. If they are not rectified within the time limit, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will follow according to law Organizational Weaving Correlation Work. According to the media, there are currently many mobile APPs in the current market excessive search personal information behavior.

Some users have discovered the record function through the mobile app, and the app "frequent self-starting" in the background – accessing the mobile photos and the files in the mobile phone and the files in nearly 25,000 times, read mobile phone information, "Try to start nearly 7,000 times in one hour" And don’t stop reading the address book. The exposed APP includes "excellent school" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

  At present, my country’s netizens are ranging from 100 million, including the proportion of mobile phone netizens.

Remediation of mobile app forced authorization, excessive sorcerer, super-range collection of personal information, etc., it is necessary to protect personal information security of netizens.

  In January, last year, the Central News Network Office, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Public Security, the four departments of the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "Announcement on the Special Governance of Application of Personal Information", " Specifically promote the app illegal violation collection and use personal information assessment.

  According to the "APP illegal violation collection" special governance report (2019) "in the" App Special Governance Work Group "," APP illegal violation collection, "Since March 2019, it has been assessing that illegal violations collection use personal information issues 6976, The 256 app operators reported on issues, and urged its completion of the 1267 key questions, it is recommended that the relevant regulatory authorities have undected rectification requirements APP total 11.

(Editor: Tang Wei, Zhang Xin).