Tianjin Beichen Police captured "family" theft cable gang

Tianjin Beichen Police captured "family" theft cable gang

Original title: Beichen police arrested a criminal gang of "family" theft cable gang, in recent months, stretching black hands to the construction site of many districts in our city.

Recently, Beichen police have successfully detected the gang, and the five suspects arrested the case. In the early morning of June this year, the police station of the Public Security Beichen Branch received alarm in charge of a construction site in the jurisdiction, saying that the cable used by the construction elevator was stolen and worth tens of thousands. After receiving the report, the Public Security Beichen Branch strikes the three brigade of the Criminal Investigation Detachment, the four brigade will take the police station with the police, and immediately go to the incident to conduct visits.

  The construction site covers an area of ??large area, and there is a weak link at night. There is no wall around the site, there are multiple small roads to the outside world.

Through the on-site exploration, many surveillance probes nearby were destroyed. After the suspect was broken, the cable was used to dig and twisted the cable using professional tools.

Considering that the weight of the cable is not light, the police decided that the suspect should be transferred with vehicles. When the case detection work is in full swing, the similar cases of the night stealing cable have occurred, and the technique is exactly the same.

  On October 4th, the case of theft cable has occurred again in the field of the Xiandian Police Station. The police found a crime vehicle when traced the clues.

In recent months, the car has repeatedly appeared in the early morning, driving near the depository, driving late at night, does not open the headlights, and the disease is suspicious.

Around the suspect vehicle, the police expanded the scope of investigation, and finally locked the gang’s foothold and action law.

  At 10 o’clock on October 23, the police arrested the gang on the spot on the spot, and found a large number of stolen cables at the scene.

  After trial, the gang member explained all the facts of the crime.

This "family" committed a gang, composed of couples, sisters, fellows, etc. Open, the inner core of different colors is bundled, and it will be sold.

  According to the suspect, after coming from the field from the field from the field, I will go to different sites in different sites to find the target, driving a vehicle theft cable at night, and I used to cross the city of Wuqing, Dongli, Xiqing and other places.

In order to avoid the exposure of the whereabouts, they use their tools such as bamboo poles to pick up monitoring probes. At present, the police have verified that the gang is 160,000 yuan, and the amount involving hundreds of thousands. The five suspects have been criminally detained according to law by the Public Security Beichen Branch, and the case is working in further work.

(Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao).