Shijiazhuang: Promote green development and then on the stairs

Shijiazhuang: Promote green development and then on the stairs

  The green development of our city takes a new level. Recently, the municipal government issued the "Some measures on accelerating the promotion of the green low-carbon circulation development economic system" proposed, resolutely, take the initiative, accelerate the transfer, focus on optimizing industrial structure, energy structure, transportation structure, all-round whole process to promote green Planning, green design, green investment, green construction, green production, green circulation, green life, green consumption, establish and improve the economic system of green and low-carbon circulation development, ensuring carbon-up, carbon neutralization goals. Measures clarified the main goal: By 2025, the industrial structure, energy structure, transport structure is obviously optimized, and the green industry has been significantly improved. The green transformation of infrastructure is continuously improved. The green transformation of production and lifestyle is significantly reasonable, and the energy resources are more reasonable. The efficiency is greatly improved, the ecological environment continues to improve, the total amount of main pollutant emissions continues to decrease, the market-oriented green technology innovation system is more perfect, the law-on policy system is more effective, the production system, circulation system, and consumption system of green low-carbon circulation development The proportion of air quality in the prefecture-level city increases than 2020, the unit GDP energy consumption is more than 16%, and the unit GDP carbon dioxide emission reduces the reduction of the provincial and lower target tasks. High-tech industries have increased the size of the industry to increase the main proportion to 42 % Or so, non-fossil energy consumption increased to 8%.

  By 2035, there is a significant increase in the growth of green development. The green industry is moving on the new level, key industries, and key product energy resources utilization efficiency improvement, widely forming green production and lifestyle, carbon emissions reached the peak, there is a drop, ecological The environment is fundamentally improved.

  According to the implementation opinion, Shijiazhuang will implement six key tasks, and overtract high quality development and high level protection.

  Improve the production system of green low-carbon circulation development. Promote industrial green upgrade, focus on steel, petrochemical, chemical, building materials, etc. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Accelerate the green development of agriculture, encourage development of ecological planting, ecological farming, create green high-quality agricultural products, 2025, "Two products and one standard" certification products reached more than 150; development ecological circulation agriculture, 2025 livestock and poultry stain comprehensive utilization 85 %, Straw basically achieve full use, the agricultural film is basically recycling; the most stringent farmland protection system is implemented. Improve the level of green development of the service industry, strengthen the green environmental protection industry, improve the industrial park and industrial cluster cycle level, and build a green supply chain. Improve the circulation system of green low-carbon circulation.

Creating green logistics, speeding up the annual transportation volume of 1.5 million tons, large-scale industrial and mining enterprises and logistics parks, transportation lines, transportation pipelines, promoting large-scale goods and medium-length delivery to railways, water channels Orderly, 2025 Large mineral enterprises with railway dedicated lines have more than 95%; comprehensive elimination of national three-and-lower emission standards for transport diesel trucks; accelerate new energy and clean energy ships in urban bus, taxi, urban delivery and other fields Demonstration promotes hydrogen energy trucks, 2025 clean energy and new energy bus, taxi accounting for 100%. Strengthen recycling of recycled resources and establish a green trading system. Improve the consumption system of green low-carbon circulation development. Promote green product consumption, strictly enforce government green products priority procurement and enforcement system, guide state-owned enterprises to gradually implement the green procurement system; encourage conditions for subsidies, integral rewards, etc. to promote green consumption.

Advocate green low-carbon lifestyle, strictly enforce the organic cafeteria to stop the catering waste management norms, guide catering enterprises and consumers to participate in "CD Action", increase the grain of all aspects such as collecting and transportation; continue to promote domestic garbage classification, to 2025 The whole city basically built a full-time classification and processing system; promoting express packaging green transformation, to 2025 e-commerce express mail basically no longer packaging; improve urban bus network and site density, strive to achieve 500 meters, 500 meters, Accelerate the construction of green travel facilities such as rail transit, walking and bicycle, 2025 urban green travel ratios reached 60%.

  Accelerate the green upgrade of infrastructure. Push the energy system green low carbon transformation, in 2025, strive to double the renewable energy installation.

Promote steel, coking and other industries to improve coal utilization efficiency, strictly control the new coal electricity capacity, and the total amount of coal consumption continues to decline.

Promote the upgrade of urban environmental infrastructure construction, 2025 city, the urban life sewage is basically collective, all treatment, sludge harmless treatment rate reaches 90%, more than 85%; accelerating waste incineration power generation facilities, 2025 domestic garbage Incineration treatment full coverage, "native garbage" zero landfill.

Enhance the level of green development of traffic infrastructure.

Improve urban-rural homageal environment, 2025 city urban green buildings account for 100% of the new construction proportion, built 600 beautiful rural areas. Build a market-oriented green technology innovation system.

Encourage green low-carbon technology research and development, focusing on key areas such as atmospheric pollution, clean energy replacement, etc.

Strengthen the status of enterprise innovation, encourage leading enterprises to take independent construction, joint joint construction, etc., build a group of municipal technology industry innovation centers and resource sharing service platforms in the green technology field.

Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, organize national major environmentally friendly equipment technology directory and environmental protection equipment technology standard management enterprises, priority to include advanced green environmental protection products into the first (set) policy support.

  Improve the Policy System.

Fully implement the three institutions of administrative law enforcement, strengthen the law enforcement supervision of the ecological environment, energy resources, and combat illegal crimes according to law.

Improve the green fees price mechanism, promote the reform of urban domestic waste treatment, according to the feed principle of the generator, gradually establish a taxation, measurement of charge, easy to collect, and improve the taxation mechanism of classified garbage and mixed garbage differences, improve mixed garbage charges standard.

Increase fiscal and tax support, vigorously develop green finance, improve the green standard and statistical monitoring system, and cultivate the green trading market mechanism.