What is your usual watching is the web front end or a backend? One article tells you an answer

What is your usual watching is the web front end or a backend? One article tells you an answer

We use computers everyday, always hear words such as web front, web backend, then what is the front end and the backend? What is the difference? In fact, the front end of the web is presented to the user’s vision and basic operation, mainly responsible for the page display, that is, the user can see.

We daily browse web pages such as news websites, sports news websites, e-commerce shopping websites, etc., all belong to the front end of the web.

The content of the web front end to us includes the web page structure, web appearance, and interaction of the web level.

Specifically, the web page structure is how to typeset, divided into several parts, similar to the blackboard, requires people to specifically design, such as Baidu search input box, placed in the pages, and the Web The appearance is, such as what color is used, what fonts are adopted; as for the interaction implementation of the web level, for example, when we browse the shopping website, place the mouse on a commodity and click, it will jump To another new page, this is a kind of interaction with the user. Compared to the web front end, the web backend is more concerned about the service technology of the product.

It runs on the server, mainly responsible for interacting with the database, thus processing related services, need to consider how to store data, implement function, maintain the stability of the platform, enhance the performance of the platform, and implement the front-end response and request.

For example, we entered the Tmall in Baidu search, the page will jump to other interfaces related to Tmall, the process is: the front-end browser issues a request, the backend server responds, and returns the data corresponding to the front end, front end Take these data on the webpage, this gets the page we want to see.

Again, we are browsing the web page of Tmall Mall, when you are going shopping, first go to the account password and click the login button, the page is jumped to the new interface, and the login is successful. This is also the front-end first request, and the backend server interacts with the stored account, password database, and responds to the front-end request. At present, there will be corresponding front-end engineers and backend engineers in Internet companies. In general, engineering projects require front-end developers and backend developers team collaboration and completion together. With the development of big data age, even people who do not engage in Internet technology should also understand some relevant basic knowledge to better integrate into this increasingly information society.

This article was scientifically checked by Associate Professor, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Northeastern University.