Because Brother Cao really doesn’t know how to lie。

“Brother Cao……”
“You are thirty,Time to let your hands rest!”Wang Yufei gave advice very sincerely。
The effect is obvious。
Cao Luping blushed instantly,In addition, Wang Yufei felt a tight waist,That’s a small piece of meat pinched by two fingers,The feeling after twisting a circle。
Okay,Does not hurt。
But some are annoying。
and so,When Wang Yufei took Lu Yuxin and Cao Luping in a box specially reserved for the big people who came this time,Looking at Tim quietly·Cook says:“Mr. Cook,Whether you admit it or not,At least in my eyes,includeIOSAll operating systems,Should be swept into the garbage dump of history,Without exception!”
420 Ambition
To say such a thing before the dishes are served is actually a bit of a shame to the boss。
Completely tore off the veil of warmth that everyone in the business field should be peaceful,Make the atmosphere tense before the meal,This is actually very unprofessional。
If you compare the current scale of Changxiang Technology with that of Apple,In the eyes of laymen, how many Wang Yufei dare to say this before dinner,Somewhat overpowered,Commonly known as floating。
But if you understand the grievances between the two, you can probably understand,This has history。
After all, many bad things are to blame on Apple。
For example, he had a conflict with Lu Yuxin for the first time。